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Iceland is a nature lover’s paradise with majestic beauty everywhere. Reykjavik is charming with a very warm and inviting hospitality. However, the real magic of this country lies outside the city among the black sand beaches, volcanic landscape, lush greenery and thundering waterfalls.

We hung with Puffins and saw lots of cows, horses and sheep roaming the countryside. We hiked waterfalls and glaciers, cruised around a glacier lagoon, descended into a volcano and soaked in the waters of the Blue Lagoon. The weather, however, can be a beast with pelting rain, gusty winds and a chill that gets in your bones, but it didn’t deter us from braving the elements and experiencing all that Iceland has to offer.

When the sun did come out, it highlighted the many vivid colors of greenery from the moss-covered lava to the volcanic hillsides. It was all incredibly stunning!


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