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I started speaking Spanish as a child in a bilingual pre-school which started my love for Spanish culture. Being a dream of mine to visit Spain for decades, I kept a folder of magazine articles and reviews, so when I finally got to go, it was magical! I have never felt more at home in any country, besides America of course. The people were warm, inviting and encouraged me to speak what little Spanish I could remember. The sites were magnificent with a variety of art and beauty, the coastline spectacular, and of course the food, delicious…even for a vegetarian!

Since I was so eager to see the Guggenheim, we started our trip in Bilbao. One of my magazine articles from so long ago was about the architecture of this museum. It did not disappoint! Even the rain did not deter the nearly one hundred pictures I took in awe of the titanium-clad building documenting that I was finally visiting! We continued by train to San Sebastian and fell in love with the charm and stunning coastline that offered great hiking up two mountains which flank the picturesque beach revealing breathtaking views.

Our tour of northern Spain ended in Barcelona where it was everything I had imagined and more. Art, culture and beauty merge into one here. It felt like a big celebration of life! The astounding architecture by Gaudi throughout the city, live music, flamenco dance, mouthwatering tapas, steaming hot churros, fabulous shopping, afternoon siestas…I fell in love. I will be back!

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